machines developed by Neudert

Capsule filling and sealing machine

Neudert – Capsule filling and sealing machine – It had to be done immediately.

A brand new product, freshly developed, should be launched as quickly as possible. That was the target that Neudert was confronted with.

Capsules should be filled with a powder and then sealed.

Of course it only helps to tackle things together. As a contract packer, the customer had a lot of equipment with him, others could be quickly organized. So all the parties involved sat down, everyone threw what he had into the pot and the result was a rotary transfer machine with automatic capsule feeding, filling and sealing. The degree of filling was checked using a balance.

After a time of only 4 weeks for the development, the production of the parts as well as the assembly of the new and used delivery parts, the machine was able to start work and within a very short time the first capsules were available on the market.

A rapid project for a rapid product. Together we managed to make the impossible possible.