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Justice - nobody likes to have too little in their cup. Many people are familiar with these requirements, and Neudert is the right person to contact. If your dosage is to be right, then Neudert's knowledge is required. And here it doesn't matter whether it is liquid media, paste media, powdery substances or hard bodies. Anyone who has had a dosage built knows that these are highly sophisticated and sensitive parts.

Neudert – Your specialist for dosing parts - metering parts


Dosing housing for dosing margarine
The housing is made entirely of food-grade stainless steel, dosing pistons run up and down in large fits and portion the desired amount of margarine.


Rotary vane technology
For the metering of viscous liquids, rotary valves in a housing work like a valve and direct the medium in the desired direction.


tablet dosage
Tablets are placed in a trough. The blister travels below the gutter and one tablet slides into the courtyard provided for each lane.


This pump housing is responsible for the sweetness; used in the chocolate industry, a defined amount of the melted sweet good is portioned here.