Repair / overhaul

Embossing machine


Neudert - retrofitting a CE marking on several embossing machines - safety comes first!

Our partner has several of these machines. Years ago these were specially made for him as a special machine. Back then according to the latest guidelines and criteria.
But that was a while ago and the requirements for occupational safety have changed.

Neudert has now checked and corrected the security concept. The old protective hood was redesigned, safety aspects integrated into the control, the pneumatics improved so that nothing happens in the event of an air or power failure.

But much more important: The subsequent CE declaration of conformity documents the work safety of the machine and certifies that the machine can be used safely. All necessary documents were created by Neudert and a declaration of conformity was drawn up. The result was the necessary CE marking on the machines.

Now they can safely do their work in an industrial environment and the machine operators are protected and insured against accidents.

Safety comes first!