Repair / overhaul

Grinding machine for ball bearings


Neudert - Retrofit a grinding machine - turn old into new!

Several customized grinding machines from our partner, all from the 80s, perform valuable services every day in the manufacture of ball bearings. But you can tell the age of the machines, the controls are no longer up-to-date, the optics - the paint has signs of the times and the mechanics should also be remade in this course.

It has certainly been checked whether there are new machines for this on the market. However, the work can be done with the existing machines just as well, or even better than with a standard new machine, which has even more "bells and whistles" inside. In addition, the operating personnel are used to the machines and production with them works perfectly.

The machines were completely dismantled, cleaned and repainted at Neudert. During the subsequent assembly, all mechanical wear parts were replaced, improvements that have arisen in recent years have been incorporated. The hydraulics and pneumatics have been supplemented and improved and brought up to date. The complete electrics with the electronics were replaced by a modern CNC control from Siemens.

The subsequent CE declaration of conformity documents the work safety of the machine and certifies that the machine can be used without hesitation. All necessary documents were created by Neudert and a declaration of conformity was drawn up. The result was the desired CE marking on the machines.

Now these machines can safely do their work for the next generation.

Neudert - turn old into new!