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Lid separator


Neudert - lid separator - always only one


A Neudert partner packs his product in tin cans. For this purpose, there are machines that press a lid on the can after filling the can, in this case a machine from Lanico.

The lids are provided in a stack. The machine wipes the bottom lid off the stack and positions it over the can. Similar to a card game, where you can also pull out the bottom card.

Now the partner has received new lids that have a recess. Thus, the principle of wiping away from the stack no longer worked because the lids were wedged together.

The solution was a single person who only ever dropped a single lid into the Lanico machine. This device was simply mounted on the machine. The pneumatic drive could easily be connected to the existing pneumatics without having to convert the original machine.

Neudert, lid separator. If it can only be one.