assemblies according to customer development

Piston dosage

Neudert - dosing parts, the same for everyone

Justice - nobody likes to have too little in their cup. Many are familiar with these requirements.

Neudert is the right contact here. If your dosage is to be right, then Neudert's knowledge is required. And here it doesn't matter whether it is liquid media, paste media, powdery substances or hard bodies. Anyone who has had a dosage built knows that these are highly sophisticated and sensitive parts.

Neudert - your specialist for dosing parts

As an example, you can see a complete dosing station with piston dosing. Pistons run here in a defined manner and let the exact amount of paste-like liquid through. It is a multiple dose, which means that 18 absolutely identical servings are dispensed. Since the medium to be dosed is a foodstuff, the entire station is made of special stainless steel, and the wearing parts have been given a corresponding high-performance coating.

The complete organization, the provision of the cast parts according to the customer's specifications, the complete production including surface treatments and the assembly were carried out by Neudert, the customer receives ready-to-install modules.