assemblies developed by Neudert

Special tools for the craft

Neudert – Special needs / Special tools for the craft

Special needs or special tools are required in every craft company.
Good if you know who you have special requests, unusual tasks, special equipment or similar. can confront if they are not available on the market.

This is what happened to a Neudert partner who runs a butcher shop.

Adapter: A funnel should be placed on a machine, although it doesn't really belong there. The solution is an adapter.

Bases, castors or similar specially adapted for the existing devices, flexible with roles, or as the customer wants

Shaper for meatballs, meatballs. The red version is available on the market, but the green one is the size you want.

The sausage meat does not always have to go into the sausage skin, sometimes it has to go out again. The risk of accidents with the sausage in one hand and the knife in the other is more than large. Therefore a device in which the sausage is inserted. The slide is moved to the other side once and the skin is cut open without anyone being injured.