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Pipe cutting machine

Neudert – Pipe cutting machine – Quickly a little shorter

A partner of ours confronted us with another exciting task. He has to shorten pipes at different heights on construction sites, in this case fittings of beverage barrels.


This should be done quickly because a larger number of pieces is always required. The machine should be used on construction sites, so it should be portable and have a 220V connection. After cutting, the pipes should be deburred and then dipped in an acid. Occupational safety was of course an issue, the employee should not have to put on extra protective equipment for cutting the pipes, as he has to do when working with a flex.

The result was a small cutting machine that came in a box. The machine is placed in the box for transport and on top for cutting, because then the cut pieces fall straight into it. The construction was planned out of aluminum for weight reasons.

The cutting is done with a normal Flex cutting disc, the length of the tubes can be adjusted using a scale. There is also a fencing disc for deburring. The cutting and deburring takes place in the bottom of the housing, you can see through sight glasses in the housing, so occupational safety is guaranteed. The acid is in a bottle on the machine, you work through the 3 steps from left to right. All the tools required to change the machine to other diameters or lengths are provided on the machine.


Neudert – Pipe cutting machine - quickly make it a little shorter.